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The biggest international impro event in Strasbourg

In 2019 will take place in Strasbourg our first international festival in the English language! Rich from all the amazing experiences we had abroad, we are bringing back all that in France for a great experience with more than 20 shows, a lot of amazing workshops, and improvisers from all over the world to live the French adventure! It will be a blast, Sacrebleu!

An international team

Everything started 10 years ago, when we all met through improv. Back then, we didn’t know we would go all around the world to teach and perform, that we would meet such amazing people and that we would become a family.

We created la Carpe Haute six years ago to have our own professional company to organize shows, gigs, workshops and work together on new formats and news ways of improvising. A short time later, we began to improvise in English, travelling the European festivals and quickly the entire world. Today, the international team performed and/or taught in more than 20 festivals and visit a bunch of countries, best known for its crazy and playful free form show “Just Play”. The international team is mainly composed by Cédric Marschal, Gael Perry, Dan Seyfried and Pauline Vernier, but is also completed sometimes by other members of the company.

Amazing Teachers

A list of international experienced teachers for a full week of workshops.

Main Cast

Every night, international shows with the best improvisers in the world.

Late Night

Two Late Night shows per evening with teams from all over the world.

Where the magic happen

Crazy parties, good food, wine tasting, awesome improv community… everything to be happy!

And so much more!

Come and discover so much more during the festival: with you, it will be a blast!

Wanna come to Sacrebleu! and be part of the adventure?


23rd-24th of MARCH - The before
Workshops Intensive

Intensive: Sex and violence

Teacher: Kaci Beeler
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

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Intensive: Power impro toolkit - Masterclass

Teacher: Joe Bill
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

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26th-29th of MARCH - The core
Workshops in the day

International workshops - all levels

International masterclasses with our Main Cast teachers: 3h or 6h workshops, for all levels from beginners to professionals.

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Shows in the night

An open jam every night

Come on stage and join improvisers from all over the world for one or more scenes! Your chance to perform in Sacrebleu! with all the performers, teachers and visitors of the festival.

Every night: 18:45 – 19:30

A Main Cast mixer show

Every night a different format with six members of the Main Cast to explore all the possibilities of improv with those experienced travelling improvisers for the first time all together.

Every night: 20:00 – 20:50

A Main Cast special show

Every night a different duoshow from our amazing guests: scheduled Joe and Lee, Chris and Katy, Laura and Jochem, and for the first time in an exclusive format, Kaci and Amy!

Every night: 21:10 – 21:50

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Two Late Night shows

Every night, you will have the chance to watch two selected shows from international teams we have the honor to host for Sacrebleu!

Every night: 22:10 – 23:15

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30th of MARCH - Give me more!
Workshops in the day

International workshops - all levels

Last chance for the international masterclasses with our Main Cast teachers: 3h or 6h workshops, for all levels from beginners to professionals.

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Shows in the night

Two exclusive Main Cast mixer shows

For the last night to be even more fantastic, you will see two brilliant formats performed by the members of the Main Cast. A last chance to see all of them on stage before the closing party!

Starting at: 20:00



This event is powered and produced by our company la Carpe Haute, well known in Strasbourg for its shows, its improv school and around the world for his main travelling freeform show Just Play.
All our regular shows will take place at the venue Espace K, in Strasbourg. Thanks to them, we can plan 5 days in a row of shows and amazing times.
For our big opening night, we will have the pleasure to perform and party at the Domaine Achillée, in Scherwiller. Big up for them and the awesome organic wine the make.

All our volunteers

The festival wouldn’t be a success without all the volunteers working before and during Sacrebleu! to offer you the best time!
Do you wanna join the team? Contact us at

Why not you?

You can be sponsor or partner of our project! There are many ways to help, at any levels, and many ways to benefit from us!
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Take part of the first ever edition of our festival and join the Sacrebleu's international impro community!

For this price you’ll get:

  • A pass to see all the shows of the week for free
  • Reductions on all the workshops
  • The welcome pack of the festival with goodies and cool stuff
  • The chance to perform in our jam sessions
  • An amazing time in Strasbourg
  • A kiss from one of the organizers, if you ask

Available for additional cost:

Your pass will also open you the access to all our other activities during the festival.

  • Workshops and intensive workshops during the festival
  • The opening night in a vineyard
  • Accommodation with the other improvisers

You want to know more about our festival or about the sexy organization team?

Contact us:

+33 6 71 14 32 92

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