7 Women of Different Ages



Gosia felt, that in our very patriarchal country it would be good to explore how we behave on stage when we’re only women, when on the one hand, we can be in the spotlight, and not as usual in the background, and on the other hand, we HAVE TO be brave and take the stage.

And she started inviting a lot of female improvisers, until she found the Perfect Combination. 5 women, who share energy, passion of improv, travelling, exploring, learning. And since then she travels the world with Ala, Kasia, Bebe and Agnieszka, inviting one or two improvisers form the places where they go, or inviting ladies from abroad to Poland, to see, how are thinking and behaviour changes, or not, depanding on where we come from.

We performed for example at Impofest in Kraków, Poland, 2017, and as you probably know, in Athens at Mt.Olymprov, where we got very positive reviews, for example from Charna Halpern, who said after our show, and after whole festival she repeated, that we were „the highlight of the festival” 🙂 we seek for adventures. Oh, and in November we’re performing at BIG IF, and in December at Improvention in Canberra. I almost forgot to mention that.


Wild Woman, running with the wolves is a part of every modern woman.

But the world changed. Where is the wildness now? How do find our magic, our freedom, our passion? Why do we have to deal with everything, and always be strong and independant? How to be smart, but not to smart, pretty, but not to pretty? How is it to be the blonde, the mother, the boss, the student, the smoker? How is it to be a woman, living in European country in XXI century, in the time of #metoo, and to walk the streets still fighting for your rights?