Amy Moule

Melbourne – Australia


Amy is an actor, improviser, teacher, director, puppeteer and an ensemble member with Impro Melbourne.

Amy has taught and performed Improvisation, drama, and puppetry workshops and shows to children and adults throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Europe, Canada and Reunion Island. She has developed and directed numerous improvisational formats and has performed in and developed numerous scripted and non-scripted shows including performances in the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and various international festival’s.


26/03/2019 - Monoscene's

In this workshop we will be exploring ways to approach monoscene’s and what skills and stage craft are needed to perform a scene which may last anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes. We will be looking to explore the environment as a character and therefore be using basic set pieces, staging etc to do so.

Within the workshop we will also be focusing on maintaining a character for a selected amount of time; the importance of entries/exits; relating to an environment/space; avoiding ‘offer soup’; gravitas of a scene- why this moment now?; strong choices and bold offers; monoscene’s across time- past, present and future; and then putting it altogether to perform some monoscene’s.

26/03/2019 - 14h-17h
Duration - 3h

28-29/03/2019 - Puppetry and object manipulation


As both a puppeteer and a storyteller I am constantly fascinated by the endless possibilities of object manipulation and it’s use within improvisation. I will be guiding participant’s through the basics of puppetry and puppetry performance but in a way that allows creative freedom for all as there will be no pre- fabricated puppets in use – character’s will be made and created in the moment.

This workshop should challenge participants to think outside the box of usual stand and deliver story telling. Participant’s will learn basic puppetry skills, puppetry performance skills, object manipulation and ways of weaving this type of work into their scene work. We will work on Banraku style puppetry (using 3 puppeteers per puppet). There will be a sense of group creation in some moments and therefore a need to develop and hone skills in whole body listening. Participants will be able to create characters, environments and worlds to enable their stories and scenes to come alive in a way we don’t often see in ‘regular’ improvisation.

This type of work will help participants to listen with all their senses. Plus it’s lots of fun to play with ‘stuff’ and push the limits of imagination, assumption and pre conceived ideas of objects by transforming, manipulating and playing with everyday objects, junk and bits and bobs to create unique stories, characters, worlds and moments of wonder.

28/03/2019 - 14h-17h & 29/03/2019 - 10h-13h
Duration - 6h

30/03/2019 - Unlocked

In this format rehearsal, we will be exploring scenes inspired by the ‘doors’ through which the players step. Scenes will be either stand alone, a look into the world behind a locked door. Or, they may be revisited. Players will use real keys to inspire imaginary doors. Each door will be verbally painted and this description will be the platform for which other players begin a scene/story.

During the workshops we will break down the format and look at – longer scene work; painting; solo to group scenes; finding at what point the information/description is enough; the possibilities open to players across time and geographical location; working with a small ensemble and the value of this; reincorporation and revisiting of scenes/stories which may have progressed in time; non naturalism and naturalistic scenes; the importance and awareness of shape of show and economy of words.

30/03/2019 - 14h-17h
Duration - 3h


For her Special, Amy is for the first time part of an exclusive duo with Kaci Beeler!