Doris Likes Everything



We are four spirited friends of improv who met at Finland’s International Improv Festival in Tampere 2018 and then again at the International Improv Festival of Tallinn 2018. We quickly realized all four of us have a shared interest in working our asses off for a project. And after a few times of practise it was clear – we are like a perfect Tinder match of four!

We have nearly 30 years of combined improv experience and we are all keen on learning new skills and pushing ourselves and each other to the next level and even beyond.


Score! Hole in one! Touchdown! Foul! Against All Odds takes the audience on a joyful ride to the world of improvised old-school sports movies! Whose story will we be following this time? The lovable underdog or maybe the hard-edged coach? This is a world where you can never have too many inspirational speeches, training-montages, or crushed childhood dreams.

These four improvisers/wannabe athletes take the stage by storm and will leave themselves breathless. “It’s not about sports, it’s about life!”