Gael Perry

Strasbourg – France


Gael practices improv for 10 years in Strasbourg and he is member and co-founder of La Carpe Haute. He’s also co-founder of the SIN, an international network of improvisers in Europe.

He is performer in La Carpe Haute and created international formats to continue to explore, tour the world and share, including two duoshows with his main partner Laura Doorneweerd: Raison d’Êtreand Object of Affection.

Gael teaches improv and loves it! He travelled in Europe and the world during the past few years (New York, Barcelona, Canmore, Berlin, Atlanta, Moscow, Athens, Sarasota, Brussels, Göteborg, Boston, Amsterdam, etc.), performing and teaching, and found a thousand ways to improvise. His dream was to combine it to be a multifaceted cristal of improv! Now, he shares around the world that way of acting, physical and noisy, kind and silly, emotive and crazy.


28/03/2019 - Man is a wolf to man

This workshop is addressed to men (cis and trans).

Stop crying like a pussy! You have to be strong! Be a man! Just a few things that are said to young boys. And suddenly as adults we forget how to cry, how to be soft, how to be a man.

This workshop will explore modern masculinity, and create a safe space to experiment and share experiences. We will explore the whole range of emotions, situations and relationships between men. It will take us to a way of improvising: with depth, care and variation.

Let’s build a better world, by being better men.

28/03/2019 - 10h-13h
Duration - 3h


Gael is a member of the hosting company of that festival: la Carpe Haute.

Everything started 10 years ago, when we all met through improv. Back then, we didn’t know we would go all around the world to teach and perform, that we would meet such amazing people and that we would become a family.

We created la Carpe Haute six years ago to have our own professional company to organize shows, gigs, workshops and work together on new formats and news ways of improvising. A short time later, we began to improvise in English, travelling the European festivals and quickly the entire world. Today, the international team performed and/or taught in more than 20 festivals and visit a bunch of countries, best known for its crazy and playful free form show “Just Play”.