Laura Doorneweerd

Amsterdam – The Netherlands


Laura is an Amsterdam-based teacher, performer and director. Star of shows including all-woman action epic The Ferocious Four, two-hander Jochem & Laura, Raison d’être and Me & My Ex, and co-founder of the multi-lingual Ohana project for European improvisers.

A specialist in improvisation with a background in theatre and dance, she has been teaching for 15 years and, for 9 years, ran her own drama school in the Netherlands. Currently she is AD of TVA IMPRO in Amsterdam. She travels the world, guesting at major festivals as an individual performer and tutor, and touring internationally with her ensemble shows.

Also, her last name is a castle. True story. 


26/03/2019 - Improv for kids

To improvise for an audience of kids it requires that you understand who you are playing for. Young kids are the most honest spectators. That is why you as an improviser can learn so much about your improv, your style and your ‘tricks’ when performing for them.

In this workshop I will encourage you to feel like a kid again, to truthfully PLAY: the kind of play with your tongue out of your mouth. And from there learn all there is to playing sparkling characters, clear stories and beautiful fairy tales.

From my experience as a performer and a teacher with and for kids, I can also teach many games and short forms that work with young audiences. Working on a longform and/or inviting children in the training are all possible. And a fun way of learning!

26/03/2019 - 10h-13h
Duration - 3h

28/03/2019 - Dancing for Dummies

In this workshop I will use my background as an improv and dance teacher to teach you how to bluff your way in ballet. Or in hiphop, Bollywood, country, disco, tango and many more styles.

You will learn the most important tricks and steps to make it look like you are a dancer. The audience can shout out any style in music or dance: you will know what to do. And what games you can play using your moves.

I have taught this workshop since 2009 to many Dutch, German, Swiss and Finnish improv groups and it is the most fun you will have in using your body on stage. Stiff as a board? No sense for rhythm? Perfect, then book this workshop now!

28/03/2019 - 10h-13h
Duration - 3h

29/03/2019 - Love and the body

Love scenes are great to see but can be difficult to play. With using your body, you can tell the entire story.

We will use principles from dance, contact improvisation and physical theatre to get into your body and out of your head. We will focus on trust, body awareness, taking your time and intimacy. And then we can start…

To touch, to move, to be touched and to be moved.

29/03/2019 - 14h-17h
Duration - 3h

30/03/2019 - Feminism for Dummies

A workshop for experienced improvisers who want to take the next step in their choice for topics and characters. We will work on how to speak to not just a subgroup but the entire audience. You will learn how to make truly interesting choices: to go beyond the cliches and play scenes that matter.

So if you are curious how a sexy lamp can create a better world, then definitely join in!

30/03/2019 - 14h-17h
Duration - 3h


For her Special, Laura will perform in Pixalicious with Jochem Meijer.

A Fantastical Adventure. 

Laura & Jochem find freaky, fabulous worlds and play the stories that are rarely told. What is happening in the cash till? How are things hanging in the laundry room? Who is bouncing between the clouds? An improvised adventure of objects and animals.