Pauline Vernier

Strasbourg – France


Pauline is an actress and an improviser from Strasbourg (France).
She’s a member of la Carpe Haute and she’s performing with this group in France and all around the world, for shows and international festivals.
Pauline is performing with others groups, for exemple she’s co-founder of a musical improv duo show called Les Jeanines.
She is also teaching improv for kids and teenagers.
The stage is a huge playground for her and giving emotion to the audience is her only goal.


Pauline is a member of the hosting company of that festival: la Carpe Haute.

Everything started 10 years ago, when we all met through improv. Back then, we didn’t know we would go all around the world to teach and perform, that we would meet such amazing people and that we would become a family.

We created la Carpe Haute six years ago to have our own professional company to organize shows, gigs, workshops and work together on new formats and news ways of improvising. A short time later, we began to improvise in English, travelling the European festivals and quickly the entire world. Today, the international team performed and/or taught in more than 20 festivals and visit a bunch of countries, best known for its crazy and playful free form show “Just Play”.