Rocky Amaretto

The Netherlands


Rocky Amaretto is theatrical improv group that does not play between the lines.

We love to use our personal intimate stories, unexpected or abstract forms, unusual and fascinating characters, grotesque styles and meta-improv whenever applicable. We have a strong believe that good improv theatre goes straight to the heart, whether it is light, dark, dramatic, abstract or funny.

The group was founded in 2011 based on the idea that acting techniques taught in acting school also work amazingly well whilst improvising stories. From there on a theatrical quest pursued in which we keep on digging deeper in both content and form. We performed earlier in Wurzburg, TILT (Talinn), and Impro Amsterdam.


Rocky fights it out: family.

No relationships go deeper than family relations. (Grand)parents, children, siblings, they often can read and write each other even if they don’t want to, and they constantly rub each other either the right or the wrong way.

Love and hate sleep in the same bed. That is why most drama, both in theater and in real life, is family drama. Inspired by true personal stories of the actors and the audience, we will play an impactful collage of scenes in diverse theatrical styles. Sometimes we will find the obvious, sometimes a hidden gem. Raw, hilarious, dramatic – but always fierce.