Wild Woman, running with the wolves is a part of every modern woman.
But the world changed. Where is the wildness now?

Men who dare to give themselves, to show their vulnarability but also their testosterone. Catching characters, surpising scenes and unexpected plot changes.

A light bulb hanging from the ceiling.
Enlights the concrete walls diffusely.
Echos of the sirens above, in the distance, like bitter screams of a bygone age.

Score! Hole in one! Touchdown! Foul! Against All Odds takes the audience on a joyful ride to the world of improvised old-school sports movies!

It’s all about the journey, not the destination.” It’s a saying we love and we’d like to put it to the test with you!

Björn Bongaards and Donat Feijóo’s duo format «Lock & Load» takes you to the improvised world of the Secret Service!

Rocky fights it out: family.
No relationships go deeper than family relations.

Do all prophecies have to be fulfilled? Dutch improvisers, Wayward, explore this idea on stage through playing with audience input that intends to predict the future.