Intensive with Kaci Beeler: Sex and violence


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12h workshop – 23 & 24/03/2019 – 10h-17h

Sex & Violence: An Intimacy Intensive

Based on her popular Romance & Intimacy workshop taught across the U.S. and Europe, Kaci is offering this intensive for the first time ever for Sacrebleu! The most exhilarating scenes in improvised theatre are the ones that push us just outside our comfort zones and bring us to the moments of strong decision: a passionate first kiss, a crushing betrayal, a heroic sacrifice.

In order to make these moments both dynamic and believable, we need to get closer in ways that make us physically and emotionally vulnerable. Learn how to move into the moments in a way that’s truthful and compelling, and the specific techniques for what to do when you’re there. Your body and your heart are your strongest tools – let’s learn how to use them to safely explore (what can be) improv’s most alluring offerings.