Playing in foreign tongue – Jochem Meijer


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3h workshop – 30/03/2019 – 14h-17h

Playing in foreign tongue

Playing in your native language is fun and save, you can say stuff in multiple ways and you can depend on your language skills to save you in difficult situations.

This workshop will focus on creating fun and engaging scenes in languages that are not your own. You will get tips and tricks how to play scenes in your 2nd and 3rd languages. We will also focus on playing scenes in your 4th and 5th languages. (languages that you know a few words and sentences in) And we will focus on languages that you know nothing about yet. We will change the disadvantage of not being fluent in a language to an advantage. After this workshop you will feel (even more) comfortable playing in languages that are not your own. And you will learn many new words.