Dan Seyfried

Strasbourg – France


Dan practises theater for 20 years. He began to study improv 11 years ago  in Strasbourg in particular with Marko Mayerl. He was part of several groups in Strasbourg. Since 2014, he participate regularly in diverse festivals around the world, playing in 19 countries,  teaching and studying.

He trains also to the Meisner technic since january 2015 with Keith Farqhar. In other significant events, Dan participated in the marathon of the improv (accumulated 193 hours, 24 hours a day during 7 days) with Inédit Théâtre in 2011 and coached a French team in 2014 and 2015. Dan adores all the types of improv, whether it is short, long or free form, as we see on stage the connection between the partners and the pleasure to play. He is now and forever a member of La Carpe Haute, a professional group he created in 2012 with his best friends.

Last but not least, he is very grateful when we pay him some drinks!


28/03/2019 - Unplug your brain

Our brain is a formiddable machine to create and imagine, but sometimes it’s our own trap, our only barrier. This workshop aims at unplugging our brains, to explore what our bodies have to suggest. We will train not to be heady or too rational, to allow your scenes to be silly, to accept and play the nonsense. Let your bodies surprise yourself and embrace their strong propositions, to just have fun, play like kids, discover new places, characters and relations, to follow the inspiration and your instinct.

28/03/2019 - 14h-17h
Duration - 3h


Dan is a member of the hosting company of that festival: la Carpe Haute.

Everything started 10 years ago, when we all met through improv. Back then, we didn’t know we would go all around the world to teach and perform, that we would meet such amazing people and that we would become a family.

We created la Carpe Haute six years ago to have our own professional company to organize shows, gigs, workshops and work together on new formats and news ways of improvising. A short time later, we began to improvise in English, travelling the European festivals and quickly the entire world. Today, the international team performed and/or taught in more than 20 festivals and visit a bunch of countries, best known for its crazy and playful free form show “Just Play”.