Lee White

Winnipeg – Canada  /  Berlin – Germany


Originally from Winnipeg Canada, now based in Berlin, Lee is most known for being part of the famous improv duo CRUMBS. Lee White has been performing and teaching improv (almost) all his life. Touring with shows and workshops all over Europe, Asia and North America, for over 19 years, his unique philosophy of improv has made him welcomed everywhere he goes.

Aside from CRUMBS, Lee has been involved in the invention/development of several new shows/formats such as Knowledge and Punishment, Clever: The Live Comedy Game Show, Your 15 minutes of fame, ‘Paradigm’ with Joe Bill, The Lorilees with Inbal Lori, and Winnipeg’s infamous Dungeons and Dragons Improv Show. Lee has performed in countless plays and independent films, television, as well stand up comedy, all over this planet.


26/03/2019 - Listening and acceptance

Listening is one of the most important skills an improviser can have, yet too often our scene partner’s words and the meanings behind them are neglected. Can we turn down our ego and open our ears and eyes to what is really being said? Yes we can and we will be rewarded with applause.

With a focus on listening to our scene partner and accepting their offers this workshop will have you giving more and making your partner look like the star.

26/03/2019 - 14h-17h
Duration - 3h

27/03/2019 - Polish your monologue

What does it take to be a great monologist? How do you capture the audience and hold them with your words? Lee will be sharing his insight to help you explore ideas and techniques for better monologues.

Using some systems you already know from improv (and a few you probably don’t) and applying them to inspire new and creative monologues. Using emotions and laughs to capture the audience’s heart.

27/03/2019 - 14h-17h
Duration - 3h

30/03/2019 - Characters you recognize

Characters should be familiar and yet new. How do we do this? Lee White guides you through simple character creation and helps maintain and expand these characters for both long and short form. Strong characters that make your audience fall in love with them and come back over and over.

Looking at the choices we make as improvisers and how to make better, stronger choices to develop great characters for the stories you want to tell.

30/03/2019 - 10h-17h
Duration - 6h


For his Special, Lee will perform Paradigm with Joe Bill.

Joe Bill (Bassprov, Chicago) and Lee White (CRUMBS, Winnipeg), two heroes of North-American improv theatre, join forces in this duo. Combined, these two are over 12 feet tall (3.7m), have almost 50 years on stage and have both been called masters of long form improv. Together Paradigm set forth on a quest for exploring new forms, confronting modes of performance, and teaching their methods and philosophies on long form improvisation.

Two legends of improv join forces to rattle the stage and shake the foundations. Paradigm pays honour to the North American style of long form improv. Joe Bill, old school Chicago long form guardian, joins Lee White, long form vandal, for a toxic explosion that may not be contained by this theatre. Watching Paradigm is like watching master craftsmen. With flow and ease, they compose story and structure in front of your eyes and before you know it, a boulder has become a masterpiece. On a quest to showcase new forms, each show will be a snowflake engineered by giants.