Pack – Read the World and your Partner

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Special deal pack – 2 workshops

  • Each Other by Jochem Meijer
  • Unlocked by Amy Moule


3h workshop – 30/03/2019 – 10h-13h

Each other – Jochem Meijer

A good connection between players deliver the most beautiful scenes to improv. We will focus on caring about our scene partners, really pay attention what the other is doing, saying and feeling. We will explore the first rule of improv: listening.

After this workshop you will have experienced how real focus towards your fellow player helps to lift the scene to a new level. If you care about your fellow player they will care for you and the audience will care for the scene.


3h workshop – 30/03/2019 – 14h-17h

Unlocked – Amy Moule

In this format rehearsal, we will be exploring scenes inspired by the ‘doors’ through which the players step. Scenes will be either stand alone, a look into the world behind a locked door. Or, they may be revisited. Players will use real keys to inspire imaginary doors. Each door will be verbally painted and this description will be the platform for which other players begin a scene/story.

During the workshops we will break down the format and look at – longer scene work; painting; solo to group scenes; finding at what point the information/description is enough; the possibilities open to players across time and geographical location; working with a small ensemble and the value of this; reincorporation and revisiting of scenes/stories which may have progressed in time; non naturalism and naturalistic scenes; the importance and awareness of shape of show and economy of words.